The next generation of Stonemasons

Each year Solomon Stone selects 5 individuals into our apprenticeship program, who will undertake a 7 year craft apprenticeship and learn the craft of stonemasonry. The apprenticeship offers the opportunity to gain a wide range of experience and involvement in the day to day running of a project including new construction, masonry consolidation, dressing stone, milling operations, cutting and carving as well as many other conservation practices and routine maintenance.

You will build, repair and renovate structures and portions of structures, that are made of brick, structural tile, stone, marble, glass block, terra cotta, castables and artificial masonry units made of any material. Their work includes laying, setting, installation or application of all such materials and the preparation of all structures or components to receive such materials.

The Apprenticeship Program is open to all however candidates should be enthusiastic, willing to learn and committed to the career. Candidates should demonstrate an interest and care for the buildings and environment around them.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit please contact us.

Length84 months
Starting wageApprentice $24.59 hour/first 3 years - $42.48/hour last 4 years
Benefits for ApprenticesMedical, dental and vision care for worker and Dependants, pension, and vacation
Minimum age18
Education prerequisitesHigh School Diploma or GED/equivalent
Physical requirementsMust be physically able to perform the work of the trade
Additional requirementsMust have a valid driver’s license
Written or oral entry examsNone
Subjects studied by ApprenticesMasonry Procedures
Safety Practices
Construction Methods