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Indiana limestone is an oolitic limestone that is found near the surface along a line generally extending from Northwest Monroe County into Lawrence County, commonly known as the limestone belt. Indiana limestone has been called Salem stone and Bedford Stone or Bedford Limestone. Indiana limestone is recognized for its natural beauty, color, versatility, and workability.

Indiana limestone is generally designated one of three colors:

  • 1) buff – a creamy white or tan.
  • 2) grey – commonly a blue grey.
  • 3) variegated – both buff and grey.

Indiana limestone is also graded based on the grain of the stone and the number of imperfections found in a block or slab. Obviously, the finer the grain and the fewer imperfections demand a higher price. However, the ultimate buying decision is typically based on the overall “look” desired by the customer, the size of the individual pieces, and fabricator production methods.


Blocks & Slabs

Limestone Slabs

Solomon Stone offers our full line of colors and grades in slab form. Our commitment to quality includes a triple grading process, beginning in block form and ending with the final inspection.

Limestone Blocks

Solomon Stone has the highest quality, most consistent limestone Mother Nature has to offer. It is quarried with great care and expertise to ensure the maximum amount of usable stone.

Custom Orders

Indiana Limestone cut to your dimensional specifications. Comes in a full range of natural colors and sizes that will accentuate each individual application and architectural style.