Architectural Services

Solomon Stone is committed to design excellence, we believe that architecture can enrich our day-to-day experiences, and can elevate our perceptions of a person, an organization or a community. We strive for architecture that enhances an organization's function and expresses its vision by embracing human behavior within its contextual social structure; enriching the ways in which people work, live and play and establishing an appropriate image consistent with the organization's values. Through a highly participatory and respectful design process, we create architecture that is both proud and humble, stays true to its purpose, and creates a sense of place that is meaningful to the society it serves.



Solomon Stone maintains a solid reputation for delivering exceptional architectural and design services to government, research, university, military, private sector, and industrial clients. Solomon Stone has developed an in-depth understanding of energy conservation issues at military and government facilities and has been at the forefront of providing energy solutions to clients like the DoD, in meeting these types of new demands.

Our team of talented professionals is recognized for our award-winning integrated designs for government, academic and private-sector organizations. By employing a highly participatory and collaborative design process, we are informed by in-house experts, consultants and other professionals.

We ensure architectural space programming and design is responsive to the functional needs and operational models of civic projects. Our expertise ranges from basic operational planning and transition assistance to analyzing and clarifying strategic policy issues and system wide planning considerations.

All great architecture starts with a deep understanding of what has preceded us. For our projects, this knowledge is built upon and respects history, but accommodates contemporary lifestyle through innovation. We merge new ideas within timeless proven ideas.