Engineering Services


Known around the world as the firm to go to for structural building designs that meet and exceed the client business case and the architectural vision, we make it our business to integrate architectural aspiration with cost-effective, buildable solutions. This is achieved by using our creativity to develop sustainable, safe, flexible and elegant structures that are also truly responsive to their intended use and immediate environment.

With a rich heritage developed through working successfully alongside many of the world's leading architects and for global organizations, our structural engineers work confidently at the leading edge of building design.

Our consistently high standards of creativity and innovation are accompanied by focusing on delivering a sustainable, elegant solution to the design of every building. We apply our thorough, scientific approach worldwide, drawing on a global portfolio of structural engineering specialist services.

Our worldwide teams are informed by local, regional and market-sector knowledge, with their solutions enforced by a rigorous attention to detail in the structural design of every building.



Engineering Services

We offer a full range of engineering design services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural design. From concept through delivery, we ensure seamless integration of engineering systems to support and enhance architectural designs with energy-efficient and cost-effective building systems.

Special Structures

Solomon Stone provides high-level building engineering services the world over. Throughout our portfolio of services we have established a culture of creativity. Special structures, including temporary buildings and iconic pieces of public art, present their own challenges and require their own focus.

Cutting Edge

Frequently calling on the exploration of new materials or cutting-edge technology, our approach is always to enjoy the fascination of the out-of-the-ordinary, rising to the challenge with the same robust approach to delivery. Building Engineering at Solomon Stone creates designs that work for today and tomorrow.

Optimum Potential

From creation to completion and beyond, we help clients reach the optimum potential of every project. Collaborating across a wide range of building design skills, and sharing knowledge and a passion for a sustainable built environment through our international network of offices.